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In the No.72 Cosy story, I'd asked a simple question on what the link was on the 21 songs that I had listed. Some of you, I know were able to work out the answer, for each song was the number one chart record at the time a new grandchild of Walt and Ruby was born. The eclectic list reads as follows............

On Morgan's birthday, 15.11.81, it was, 'Every little thing she does is magic,' by The Police

On Rosalind's birthday, 16.2.72, it was, 'Telegram Sam,' by T.Rex.

On Andrew's birthday, 23.1.70, it was, 'Two Little Boys,' by Rolf Harris.

On Alison's birthday, 14.1.69, it was, 'Lilly the Pink,' by The Scaffold.

On Robert's birthday, 22.6.66, it was, 'Paperback Writer,' by The Beatles.

On Ian's birthday, 9.6.65, it was, 'Long Live Love,' by Sandie Shaw.

On Karen's birthday, 29.5.62, it was, 'Good Luck Charm,' by Elvis Presley.

On Nicola's birthday, 28.5.61, it was, 'You're Driving Me Crazy,' by The Temperance Seven.

On Kevin's birthday, 16.4.60, it was, 'My old Man's A Dustman,' by Lonnie Donegan.

On Valerie's birthday, 16.2.60, it was, 'Why,' by Anthony Newley.

On Caroline's birthday, 13.12.59, it was, 'What Do You Want,' by Adam Faith.

On Pete's birthday, 25.5.59, it was, 'A Fool Such As I,' / 'I Need Your Love Tonight,' by Elvis Presley.

On Philip's birthday, 1,1.59, it was, 'It's Only Make Believe,' by Conway Twitty.

On Carol's Birthday, 13.12.57, it was, 'Mary's Boy Child,' by Harry Belafonte.

On Shaun's birthday, 11.2.57, it was, 'The Garden Of Eden,' by Frankie Vaughan.

On Linda's Birthday, 12.1.56, it was, 'Rock Around The Clock,' by Bill Haley and his Comets.

On Teresa's birthday, 3.11.55, it was, 'Hernando's Hidaway,' by The Johnston Brothers.

On Glynis' birthday, 5.10.48, it was, 'When You Were Sweet Sixteen,' by Al Jolson.

On Neil's birthday, 16.5.45, it was, 'Rum and Coca Cola,' by The Andrews Sisters.

All of the above were taken from the most respected sources which cover every No.1 since U.K charts were first introduced in 1952.  Glynis and Neil have become so ancient that I had to rely on the sheet music sales for their number ones, for both their dates of birth pre-date all known British chart record listings. I had fun finding out the above and to my delight I discovered every single song is freely available on YouTube.  If, at some future date, someone of Peter Tuffs talent finds a demand for a get together party for all the cousins, these are twenty one songs that must surely feature on the music playlist.  I'd like to think there'd one day be a gathering of the grandchildren of my wonderful parents.  Relatives, I wish you well!