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'132' The Man Who Had To Die!' Topics Posts Last Post
Ken, Considering you were fighting your serious health issues at the time, that was an incredible effort and which very sadly turned out to be your last post. I'm amazed how you in your own eloquent style expanded on the information from the genealogy research I did for you with pleasure. Yo... 0 0
by royeee
We began seeing them as late spring settled on our quiet village, the roving scissor and knife sharpener, the dark skinned Sikhs with their turbaned headwear selling silk scarves and ties and the multitude of tramps looking for food and work. 'Summer Tramps,' we called these knights of the highw... 0 0
by Ken
(131) 'The Immovable Bulk' Topics Posts Last Post
For as long as I can remember I have been heavy, some would say dangerously heavy, but that was decades ago. However, patients like me must be the cause of nightmare's for those of the countries ambulance crews who may have to lift us, the immovable bulks of this world! 0 0
by Ken
(130) 'The Legend Of Wild Bessie' Topics Posts Last Post
This is a story of good fortune, for why else would wild nature bestow such a privilege on one such as I ? 0 0
by Ken
(129) 'Help Me To Become A Contented Man.' Topics Posts Last Post
Not Knowing, has always been a frustration to people like me. Here's a way you can help. 0 0
by Ken
(128) 'A Tuffs Sense Of Humour' Topics Posts Last Post
Reality see's us all get old and eventually fall ill. Black humour, if used correctly, can make such times seem immeasurably better, which has benefited both my family and myself. 0 0
by Ken
(127) 'A Slam Dunc Certainty?') Topics Posts Last Post
A slam dunc is an Americanisation that suits this reflection for there is no English equivalent that fits so well. 0 0
by Ken
(126) 'A Decisive Mans Decade of Indecision.' Topics Posts Last Post
To find true love is a precious gift, perhaps a gift from God. To find what seems like true love, from more than one person, could very well prove to be a gift from Hell! 0 0
by Ken
(125) 'God Bless You John.' Topics Posts Last Post
This reminisce tells of a recent event that I experienced from my sick bed. It's about a good natured but once fiery man, whose mellowed somewhat with the years. 0 0
by Ken
(124) 'The Return of The Memory Collector' Topics Posts Last Post
It is pleasing to be told that people have enjoyed reading my many memories of times gone by, and I have been asked to write more. This one tells of some memories about me but from another source, that I felt deserved to be immortalised in 'Ken's Cosy.' 1 1
by Tom Ames
(123) 'The Story Of Jenny's Early Morning Bath' Topics Posts Last Post
Routine is a splendid thing for those approaching their later years for, in its way, its comforting to know what the day holds in store for us. This Cosy memory tells of a surprise that two of my brothers inadvertently gave to my wonderful wife, ensuring the start to her day was far from routine! 0 0
by Ken
(122) 'The Olden Days and A Bombers Moon' Topics Posts Last Post
This is a reflection on a time when youngsters had to earn their treats and were happy to do so. It covers the decades of the 1950's and 60's and I'm grateful to my sister for sharing her memories of what her grandchildren call, 'The Olden Days.' 0 0
by Ken
(121) 'The Birthday Card Fiasco' Topics Posts Last Post
This totally forgotten memory of an unusual bus ride was triggered by the saga of two birthday cards. 0 0
by Ken
(120) 'Roll on May 9th' Topics Posts Last Post
This Cosy article links my thoughts on some record buyers of 1957 with the indecisive 'don't know' voters of today. Both are pains in the backside to the people who think like me! 0 0
by Ken
(119) 'A Hullmead Saturday Night' Topics Posts Last Post
As my older siblings grew up our home became less crowded on a Saturday evening. This tale tells how that led to some joyful times thanks to my brother Gordon's generosity at the dawn of the television age! 0 0
by Ken
(118) 'The Cost Of Venting One's Spleen' Topics Posts Last Post
Three memories, one recent, one old, and one almost ancient. All tell of occasions where I have felt the need to air my anger or, as the saying goes, vent my spleen. In this story I get to use a phrase regarding my past behaviour that was eventually bound to happen, 'My comeuppance!' 0 0
by Ken
(117) 'Too Late The Hero' Topics Posts Last Post
This is a memory I've always treasured but I cannot help wishing that the good deed it tells of had occurred a little earlier. 0 0
by Ken
(116) 'The Choice Of A Floating Voter!' Topics Posts Last Post
Good Evening, Yes i too am following the lead up to the election with interest although i do not vote myself now, I also find Cameron and Osborne a couple of typical Etonians but they do appear to know what they are doing. I cannot see however how any party or combination of is going to get a w... 1 1
by Ken
This tells of the almost certain direction my vote will go in the forthcoming General Election, and of the part, Lord Neil Kinnock, played in my decision to once again become a Floating Voter! 0 0
by Ken
(115) 'Reflections On A Much Loved Man' Topics Posts Last Post
These reflections show the varying sides of the head of my family and how a 'tough love' lesson moulded what I became. 0 0
by Ken
(114) 'We're Always Together' Topics Posts Last Post
I wrote this message to tell of an inevitable event that will affect many close to me. I am not being melancholic for I intend to be around for years, but I felt the need to point out that one can be with someone, even when death or distance separates you! 0 0
by Ken
(113) 'An Unexpected Discovery' Topics Posts Last Post
This unusual tale tells how I discovered, by accident, that all the descendant's of, Walt and Ruby, may be, partly, Jewish. Read here of the series of events that leads me to believe this could be so! 0 0
by Ken
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